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Happy Funtime Wormhole

My apologies on my lack of posts.  I am updating my entire website.

If you’ve heard of my April/May photo specials, please contact me at: to set an appointment.


For the time being… here is a fun video I recently shot:



Tony Dang
Chelsea Coleman
Alan Weischedel

Written by
Alan Weischedel

Aditya Oza
Tadamori Yagi

Third String Kicker Comedy


Picnic for Two (Acting)

April 2009 my improv team “The Dollhouse” teamed up with our comedy-partners “Rigor Tortoise” and made a sweet picnic video.

I make a quick cameo as “sandwich girl” at 1:53.

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improv gallery (Acting)

I began improvising in Los Angeles in 2005.

I have toured with the musical improv troupe “Dance Magic Dance!,” the all-female troupe “The Dollhouse,” the short-form troupe “iD vicious,” and was a member of the Second City Theatrical Ensemble on the Norwegian Star, (plus more.)

I have studied at the Second City Los Angeles Training Center, and at iO West in Los Angeles.

I currently perform weekly with the iO house team “Waterloo,” every Tuesday night in the 8 o’clock hour, and am available for coaching.

I’ve collected various snapshots throughout the past few years, and put them in a gallery, for your viewing pleasure.  Several shows went uncaptured.

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