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Happy Funtime Wormhole

My apologies on my lack of posts.  I am updating my entire website.

If you’ve heard of my April/May photo specials, please contact me at: to set an appointment.


For the time being… here is a fun video I recently shot:



Tony Dang
Chelsea Coleman
Alan Weischedel

Written by
Alan Weischedel

Aditya Oza
Tadamori Yagi

Third String Kicker Comedy


Al Final Del Camino (Acting)

Apparently a video I helped some friends with just hit 100,000 views in Latin America.  I guess ya never know.

Here is a brief clip of “Al Final Del Camino,” I play “girl with engagement ring.”



If you would care to see the entire video (some friends of mine lip-syncing the Spanish version of “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men,) please visit here:

Picnic for Two (Acting)

April 2009 my improv team “The Dollhouse” teamed up with our comedy-partners “Rigor Tortoise” and made a sweet picnic video.

I make a quick cameo as “sandwich girl” at 1:53.

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improv gallery (Acting)

I began improvising in Los Angeles in 2005.

I have toured with the musical improv troupe “Dance Magic Dance!,” the all-female troupe “The Dollhouse,” the short-form troupe “iD vicious,” and was a member of the Second City Theatrical Ensemble on the Norwegian Star, (plus more.)

I have studied at the Second City Los Angeles Training Center, and at iO West in Los Angeles.

I currently perform weekly with the iO house team “Waterloo,” every Tuesday night in the 8 o’clock hour, and am available for coaching.

I’ve collected various snapshots throughout the past few years, and put them in a gallery, for your viewing pleasure.  Several shows went uncaptured.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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